Nicky has excellent knowledge and has really helped me improve my core strength and stability. She’s great at explaining each exercise and has taken the time to get to know my needs and abilities so that I can see progression each week.
Alison Hilton
Honeybourne Nicky is just brilliant. So bubbly and enthusiastic. The class was perfect for me, accessible yet a little bit of a challenge. Nicky asked about any issues I had and adapted the class for my needs, after the class I felt I had grown taller. It definitely showed me how I can strengthen my body in a gentle safe way to combat my scoliosis. I’m very pleased to have found Nicky
Darka Adams
Working from home has been great over the last year. What has not been great, is my decrease in exercise and mobility, which is important when you’re over 50. I have loved the online Pilates classes with studio 113 as I can do them from my home and without the pressure of the super-flexi-skinny girl with the knockout outfit intimidating me. A great class each time with Nicola, who really works to help you reach your happier self. I am so grateful and would highly recommend. Her classes are far cheaper than you would expect and because they are smaller she pays great care and guidance. s leo.
Anastasia Cohen
As someone who had struggled for years with finding a sustainable, home-based , health and fitness regime, Nicky has been simply God-sent. Nicky developed a Pilates regime for me with real attention to detail and proper technique. Throughout the exercise regime , she is constantly supportive, nurturing and encouraging and I am able to exit her personal training sessions on a euphoric high! Building my strength through Pilates has really made me feel INVINCIBLE! Thanks Nix!.
Dzifa Amegashie
Flexible, friendly fun! Wakes up your body to the joy of being alive 😊 Move it or lose it ! 👍
Nicky Dixon
Doing Nicky’s classes in the comfort of my own home is wonderful – casual and fun while at the same time thorough and effective. Nicky seems to know exactly what to say so that I become aware of where I’m holding tension and how to get unique stretches in the body that feel amazing! On every level, I cannot recommend Nicky more highly. She is always professional and consistently comes forward with enthusiasm, support, knowledge and encouragement whilst adapting the health coaching to your requirements. Thanks to Nicky I feel excited about my health again.
Nicky Grandin
Nicky is a great Pilates instructor and truly loves what she does. She takes her time to get to know her clients and works with them individually to master techniques. What I enjoyed in her sessions was that she was always pushing us so that we didn't get too comfortable. And she never gives up on anyone. She will continuously work with you till you get it right.
Amma Asafo-Agyei
Nicola Lawford, is by far the most outstanding Pilates and nutritional coach I know!!! With extensive, knowledge as a dancer she understands alot about the mind and body and how to inspire, encourage and motivate her clients aswell as her friends. I would recommend her highly for any areas of life you would like to better yourself in. She is always willing, always available and always suggests something you have never thought of before. She is 5 star indeed!!!!
Karen Gallinetti
Nicky is a fantastic teacher. Her classes are varied, fun and whilst challenging her knowledge and experience means that she is able to modify and reduce risk to areas where I am injury prone. She is a trustworthy teacher and takes safety seriously, especially on the reformer.
Carlien Flormann
Absolutely loved the class. It was well structured, clearly instructed and enjoyable After the class I’m feeling less stiff, calmer and ready to tackle the day
Lorato Motsoeneng
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