Meet Nicky


Nicky trained in the method in 2005/2006 and has been teaching Pilates ever since. She has dedicated her focus on awareness of alignment, connectivity and building deep core support by opening her own studio.

Her dedication is to create effective workouts that are both fun and challenging to her clients, at all levels. Increasing strength and flexibility, while improving posture and balance is important in everyday life and well as allowing pain-free movement. Thus enabling her clients to be their best in their own bodies.

Nicky Lawford is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. After training with the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) to qualify as a dance teacher in both National and Modern dance, Nicky went to to perform, train and work with dancers. With a passion for helping others and realising the damage most people do to their bodies on a daily basis Nicky started researching a way of moving and training the body that can also heal the body.

The Pilates method was the natural answer.

Nicky is very aware of the importance of a well balanced diet to go hand in hand with any exercise regime and has subsequently studied nutrition.

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